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The Short-ish British History of Blood, Religion, & Ascension

As people around the world continue to consider the life and legacy of the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth nations, many have considered the idea of inherited title and supposed God-ordained rule and what that means. Britain has been an island transformed by war and invasion. First, they were part of the Roman empire. Then, they were invaded by three small groups of Europeans from the German-speaking regions – the Jutes, the Angles, and the Saxons. Through the 6th Century, these three groups continued to migrate and settle in Britain. The new settlements were invaded by the Vikings beginning in the 8th Century. Following the Viking invasions, England was unified with Norway and Denmark until the rise of Norman invader William the Conqueror (ruled England 1066 – 1087).

King William the Conqueror established the aristocracy in England and the feudal lord system. He and his descendants also invaded Wales