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Map of Radical Love

Each of the locations mapped on this page have made a commitment, through either a denominational program or congregational vote (or sometimes both), to help build a world of radical love. While we recognize these commitments and support them, we urge you to do your own research and/or visit any new faith community to decide. Inclusion on this map is not an endorsement, as we believe that becoming allied to the recognition and embracement of LGBTQIA+ and SGL people in our communities is only the first step on a long journey. However, we recognize the work and commitment it took for many of these communities to take that step, and lift them up for you to explore on your own.

To search for a location close to you, please scroll in on the map. The denominations of each congregation may be listed in full or using abbreviations. This map does not offer a searching feature intentionally. Each denomination and the welcoming church programs in that denomination are still the best source of information on the churches they serve, and we urge you to follow up with them directly. Links to each of those denominational organizations included here are listed below the map. Those main webpages may include additional information about each faith community.  Communities with a black heart are congregations affiliated with more than one denomination.


If you are part of a faith community not listed, please send an email using the link. (Please wait until your denomination is populated. If the link to your denomination's affirming program is not listed on the bottom, that work is still in progress)

Finally, we will begin providing reviews of specific communities. If you have visited a community (once or several times), we want to know if you had a good or bad experience and any other notes you might have for others who might be looking. If you have recently visited one of the congregations on this page, please share a review.


Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance


Open and Affirming Coalition


Reconciling Ministries Network


Unitarian Universalist Association


Affirm United


The Episcopal Church

Contact Me  |  Tel: 651.283.0962

If you belong to a faith community not listed above AND are part of an organization or denomination listed below the map, please send us an email with the name of the church, the denomination, a link to the webpage and/or Facebook page, and the name of one contact person. We will verify and get you added. If you are part of an affirming organization in a denomination not listed, please send us the name of the organization, a link to their webpage, and a contact person.

Or, if you have visited one of the communities listed here, we would love your fair review. It will be shared, without your name, with the affirming organization for the specific denomination in hope that they will connect with the pastor and share the feedback in a manner appropriate to it being either a good or a bad review. In fact, you can list yourself as "john initial." as long as we have a real email to contact you.


Thank you for your help.

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