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The Flames of Love (a queer liturgy)

We have lost too many,

Too many friends,

too many families,

too many jobs,

too many rights.

They even tried to take our dignity.

May these flames connect

us through shared hope.

We light the flame of commitment,

To stand with and work to create change,

Until all know they are beloved.

We light the flame of survival,

Grateful for our lives,

Remembering with love those lost along the road.

We light the flame of change,

Committing to recenter toward love,

In hearts, in minds, in our world.

We light the flame of hope,

Loving each other, building community,

even when it is uncomfortable.

We light the flame of knowledge,

Following the path of justice,

Justice that is love embodied.

We light this flame of radical love.

To speak out for those who have been silenced.

Those who have been rejected for who they love.

Those who have been persecuted for who they are.

Those who have been bullied for daring to be bold.

Those who have been othered and forced into the margins.

Those who have been lonely.

Those who have been hurt.

Those who are still hurting.

We light this flame as

a people committed,

we are survivors.

we will change the world,

until no one lives without hope,

until no one lives without justice.

We light this flame and pledge that

In love, with love, and through love,

All things are possible.

We rise and we flare like these flames.

We rise and we flare as a people,

no matter our race,

our companionship orientation,

our gender or gender identity,

our body or mental ability,

our immigration status,

our language,

our religious or spiritual beliefs,

our economic class.

We are each unique, beautiful

and we honor each other

when we see each other through love.

kimi floyd reisch 2021

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