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The Yes People

Some people enter stage left,

and they never leave.

Relationships may change,

distance may challenge,

but always a presence.

These are the people

that see us, get us.

They walk back our bs.

They talk back when

we need a reminder

of whom we are –

who we are to be/come.

They held us.

When the world

sucked us in and ejected

us broken and afraid.

They are the people

who have the gift

of rebuilding wholeness.

They are the voice

yelling yes while the choir

keeps chanting no.

They create worlds without limits,

centered on the call

of transformation,

of hope.

Their names will never

adorn a monument.

No awards will be

delivered bearing their name.


they are the ones who

made the impossible, possible.

When they finally depart,

as all humans inevitably must

the world may not

remember their name,

but their humble gifts of love

have changed everything.

Kimi Floyd Reisch, 2021

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